Resources / Links

The Hungry Forager (media & apperances)

Foraging the Fifty (shorts) - Foraging Chicken of the Woods with George Barnett

Garden & Gun Magazine - An Outfitter for Every State

WDRB - Gathering & Processing Acorns

Foraging Laws and Regulations (legality & permit information)

Foraging regulations & permit information for Daniel Boone National Forest

Mushroom foraging regulations for Mammoth Cave National Park

Foraging regulations for Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park (found under PART 2—Resource Protection, Public Use, and Recreation
§ 2.1 Preservation of natural, cultural and archeological resources.)

Foraging Websites

Forager's Harvest / Samuel Thayer

Learn Your Land / Adam Haritan

Arthur Haines

No. MI Forager / Clay Bowers

Forager Chef / Alan Bergo

Foraging Equipment Recommendations

Nut Wizards (For Seed Gathering)

Master Nut Cracker

Grandpa's Goody Getter

Kentucky Plant Communities

Kentucky Native Plant Society

Wild Ones (Kentucky Chapter)


KY Woodlands Magazine: Using Hickories for a non-timber forest crop

The status of oak breeding and domestication as food for people and livestock In South Korea, Spain, and the United States

Did American Chestnut Really Dominate the Eastern Forest?

Agroforestry & Permaculture Plant Nurseries

England's Orchard and Nursery / located in KY

Dropseed Native Plant Nursery / located in KY

Indigenous Landscapes / OH

Future Forest Plants Nursery / located in PA

Drop Seed Ecology Plant Nursery / located in IL

Twisted Tree Farm / located in NY

Black Creek Farm & Nursery / located in NY

Edible Acres Nursery / located in NY


Mushroom Expert

North Spore (Spore Propagation Products)

Places to visit in Kentucky to become a better Naturalist

The Parklands of Floyd's Fork

Iroquois Park

Bernheim Arboretum

Pine Creek Barrens Nature Preserve

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Daniel Boone National Forest

South Fork Kentucky River

Historical Websites

The Southern Highlander: Exploring the history, Nature & Culture of Southern Appalachia

The Filson Historical Society

Erik Vosteen


On The Frontier with George Barnett / Substack