Agroforestry (Food Forest) Consulting

Agroforestry (Food Forest) Consulting

$150.00 - $450.00

Are you interested in discovering what species of edible/medicinal plants and fungi are occurring on your property? Or, are you interested in planting and/or propagating species of wild edibles onto your property? Maybe you're wanting to establish a healthier ecosystem on your property by removing invasive species and having a more intentional management plan put into action. I'd love to work with you to make these goals become a possibility.


- A general wild food walk on the property (identifying what's already established)
- Plant suggestions & plant material acquisition
- Food forest site planning
- Tree inventory
- Land management plans
- Ecological restoration planning (with a forestry mindset)
- Mushroom log inoculation (for personal or commercial use)
- Plant nursery establishment (for future nursery growers)
- Herbicide-Free invasive species removal (Garlic Mustard, Bradford pear, Chinese privet, and bush honeysuckle)


If interested in working with us, contact me via email with a detailed message of what you're wanting to achieve. Include your location and a general timeframe that you are wanting to have a visit be scheduled. Once I receive your email, we can schedule out a consultation from there. Prior to booking anything, we will pin down exact dates and times for consultations, as well as how many hours you'll need to book in order to complete the task(s). *We also offer virtual ZOOM consultations at a discounted rate of $80.00 per hour.


In-person consultations are limited to your specific location. If your address is within 50-miles from the 40223 zip code, you are in my range. You will be charged $0.66 per mile regardless of location (this will be factored into your total cost).


Consultations aren't refundable but are honored with a potential reschedule date. The reschedule date will have to work for both our schedules, meaning the earlier in advance you notify me of the need to reschedule, the better. There's a chance that if a consultation is canceled for any reason, it could be months before I'm available to reschedule a visit. This honor program will only apply if the consultation is rescheduled in the same year as when it was originally booked.