Wild Food Consulting

$100.00 - $600.00

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Do you have property? Are you interested in being more self-sufficient in this modern world? Maybe you want to feel more connected to the land you inhabit? Have you ever questioned what might be edible, medicinal or sustainably useful on your landscape? Maybe you want to plant some species of nut or fruit bearing trees, garden vegetables, pollinator species or wild transplants? We offer property tours where we come to your land and with your guidance, consult together and help you confirm the identification of any edible plants, fungi, fruits or nuts, tubers and other naturally occurring edibles that may be present. We will discuss how to approach these wild foods, how to incorporate them into your diets for nutrition and medicines, how to sustainably harvest them and prepare/preserve them each season. In addition we will cover how to promote health and growth into your wild food bearing trees, shrubs and meadows.

These consulting sessions are currently scheduled through us directly, once you book a consultation, the date and time will be scheduled within a 24 hour period over the phone with us. Consultations can also be offered over the phone and online as well if necessary. We are currently only offering this service to private and commercial land owners within 100 miles or less from Louisville, KY. Do keep in mind that drive time is included with the overall consulting session time.

Cancellation notice: If you choose to cancel your consultation, please do so at least 30 days before the scheduled date. Your purchase will be eligible for a 50% refund if canceled thirty days prior to the consultation date. If canceled after, there’s no refunds. If a consultation runs over on time, it'll be discussed at that moment if you're wanting to add-on additional hours or not (if available). Payment for any additional time will need to be paid while on site that day (cash or through this page).